How to Create a Payoneer account in 2021 - How to Sign Up For A Payoneer

How to Create a Payoneer account in 2021 Step By Step with Photos/images.

How To Sign-Up For Payoneer Account

There are 4 steps in Payoneer signup process:

Step by Step How to Create a FREE Payoneer Account 

Sign Up & Earn $25*

  • Go to official Sign-up Page of Payoneer.
  • Click “Sign Up & Earn $25*”.
  • You will earn $25 when your balance exceeds or reach $1000.

Step 1: Get Started
  • Choose Individual if you want to create for yourself. You can create for your company To Select a as well. Here we are making for “Individual”.
  • Enter your First Name.
  • Enter your Last Name.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Enter your Date of Birth.
  • Make sure to provide this information according to your official certificates like Birth Certificate or National Identity Card.
  • Click NEXT.
    Getting Started

Step 2: Contact Details
  • Choose your Country.
  • Enter your correct  & complete Address.
  • Enter your City/Town name.
  • Enter the Postal or Zip Code of your city. If you don’t know Google it.
  • Enter your active Mobile Number because it will verify your number by sending a code. Do not give someone else’s number.
  • Click the “Send code” link inside the “Verification Code” textbox. It will send you a code via text message.
  • Enter the code that you will receive on your phone in “Verification Code” textbox.
  • Click NEXT.
Cantact Deatails

Step 3: Security Details

  • Enter your Username. Username is your Email. The email address that you have entered in the Step 1, enter that again here.
  • Enter a secure Password.
  • Choose a Security Question and Enter the answer. Note down this question and save somewhere. This information is required when you forget your Password.
  • Enter the Captcha(Code).
  • Click NEXT.
How To Create Payoneer Account | Payoneer Sign-Up

Step 4: Almost Done

  • Choose the type of your local Bank Account whether it is your Personal or Company account.
  • We are choosing “Personal account”.
  • Choose your “Bank Country” means where your local bank is located.
  • Choose the “Currency” of your country.
  • Enter your Bank Name.
  • Enter the Account Name. It is the Title of your local Bank Account. It is mostly your full name. It is written on your checkbook or ATM card.
  • Enter the IBAN.
  • IBAN is your International Bank Account Number. It is used for international transactions. It is your bank account number, only the difference is that some letters are added to your account number. For example this is a Pakistani bank account number 0995 1463 3662 2134, the IBAN will be like PK69 MUCB 0995 1463 3662 2134. You can get your IBAN from your online bank account or you can request your bank to provide you the IBAN. You can also create IBAN by yourself by visiting your bank’s website. 
  • Tick “I agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy & Cookie Policy”
  • Tick “I agree to Pricing and Fees.”
  • Click NEXT.

Up here you have completed your part. Wait a few days later (even less than 24 hours), you will receive email notifications back containing that filing your registration has been approved, then the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard ready to be sent to your address.
You will receive a letter containing the card from Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard from Payoneer. Immediately activate your card before you use it.


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