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 Makar Sankranti 2021:- Makar Sankranti festival has special significance in Sanatan Dharma.  According to mythological beliefs, when the sun god enters Capricorn, it is called Makar Sankranti.  Usually Makar Sankranti is celebrated every year on 14 January.  It is also believed that on January 14, the meeting of the Sun God and his son Shani Devta also takes place.  There are some religious beliefs that the planet Venus also rises on this day.  For this reason also, Makar Sankranti festival is considered very auspicious.  If you worship the Sun God on this day with full rituals during the auspicious time, then you get auspicious results.  The auspicious time of Makar Sankranti festival this year is as follows –

 Makar Sankranti virtuous period

 On 14 January, the holy period of Makar Sankranti is from 08.30 minutes in the morning to 05.46 minutes in the evening.  Also, the great time of Makar Sankranti is 01.45 hours, which is from 08.30 minutes in the morning to 10.15 minutes in the day.

Effect of Makar Sankranti on zodiac signs

Aries: You will strive for work, you will definitely get success.  There will also be promotion and transfer.
 Taurus: Sudden trouble can come.  Success in tasks will be difficult.  Interrupting new tasks.
 Gemini: Fear of some disease.  Stress in the family.  Loss due to confusion.
 There will be travel opportunities.  Be careful while eating and drinking.  Loss from mental confusion.  Increase in manual labor.
 Leo: Enemies will be defeated.  The mind will be happy.  Interest and success will be found in sports.
 Virgo: Unnecessary mental distress.  Fear of illness etc.
 Libra: There will be a decrease in happiness.  There will be fear of the possibility of illness throughout the month.
 Scorpio: Increase in income, travel beneficial.  We will defeat the enemies.
 Sagittarius: Decreased happiness.  Loss from unnecessary insistence.  There will be fear of being cheated.
 Capricorn: Physical exertion, money wastage.  Loss of temper.
 Aquarius: Loss from unnecessary stubbornness.  Can be a victim of swindle.  People closest can be cheated.
 Pisces: There will be chances of promotion, gifts and prizes.  Income will also increase.

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